FILLED! transport for Audrey the husky TN-NY Oct 30-31

transport for Audrey the husky TN-NY Oct 30-31

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Emily Cherry Goff (cherryharley) 334-744-5590 (
***email preferred***


Day and Leg(s) you are offering to take:
Home #
Cell #
Can you receive text messages?
Do you have email access after 5 pm and on weekends?
Emergency Contact phone #
Vehicle Desc:
License Plate #
Suggested meeting place at the beginning of your leg:
Suggested meeting place at the end of your leg:

Passengers: 1 female Siberian Husky
(Detailed Info at the bottom)

**Route and Legs**


15 minutes has been added to each leg for water/potty breaks
All legs are flexible! Please let me know if you need to change anything!

Leg 1 Filled by sending
Depart: Hixon TN 9:00 am EDT/8:00 am CDT
Arrive: Manchester TN 10:30 am EDT/9:30 CDT
1 hour 30 min

Leg 2 Filled, thanks Karen!
Depart: Manchester TN 10:45 am EDT/9:45 CDT
Arrive: Nashville TN 11:45 am EDT/10:45 CDT
1 hour

Leg 3 Filled, thanks Maddie!
Depart: Nashville TN 12 noon EDT/11:00 am CDT
Arrive: Bowling Green KY 1:00 pm EDT/12 noon CDT
1 hour

Leg 4 Filled, thanks Linda!
Depart: Bowling Green KY 1:15 pm EDT/12:15 pm CDT
Arrive: Elizabethtown KY 2:30 pm EDT/1:30 pm CDT
1 hour 15 min

Leg 5 Filled, thanks Andrea!
Depart: Elizabethtown KY 2:45 pm EDT/1:45 pm CDT
Arrive: Buckner KY 4:00 pm EDT/3:00 pm CDT
1 hour 15 min

Leg 6 Filled, thanks Debbie!
Depart: Buckner KY 4:15 pm
Arrive: Cincinnati OH 5:45 pm
1 hour 30 min

Overnight in Cincinnati OH Filled, thanks Rhonda!

Sunday Oct 31, 2010

Leg 7 Filled, thanks Michele!
Depart: Cincinnati OH 9:00 am
Arrive: Octa OH 10:15 am
1 hour 15 min

Leg 8 Filled, thanks Michele!
Depart: Octa OH 10:30 am
Arrive: Columbus OH 11:30 am
1 hour

Leg 9 Filled, thanks Terri!
Depart: Columbus OH 11:45 am
Arrive: Mansfield OH 1:00 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 10 Filled, thanks Peggy!
Depart: Mansfield OH 1:15 pm
Arrive: Akron OH 2:30 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 11 Filled, thanks Jamey!
Depart: Akron OH 2:45 pm
Arrive: Mentor OH 3:45 pm
1 hour

Leg 12 Filled, thanks Jamey!
Depart: Mentor OH 4:00 pm
Arrive: Erie PA 5:15 pm
1 hour 15 min

Leg 13 Filled, thanks Susan!
Depart: Erie PA 5:30 pm
Arrive: Fredonia NY 6:30
1 hour

Leg 14 Filled, thanks Michelle!
Depart: Fredonia NY 6:45 pm
Arrive: Buffalo NY 7:45 pm
1 hour

Leg 15 Filled by rescue
Depart: Buffalo NY 8:00 pm
Arrive: Toronto Ontario

End of Transport

THE FINE PRINT: As a volunteer transport coordinator, I am dependent on what the senders tell me about our passengers' temperaments, The very nature of rescue transport creates some risk for those who participate in it; even a good-natured dog may find it stressful to be passed from stranger to stranger and cooped up with unfamiliar dogs, and in consequence may act in uncharacteristic ways. Neither I nor anyone associated with this transport can accept liability for any accidents or incidents that may occur during the transport.

Passenger: Audrey
Siberian Husky
18/20 months
50 pounds
Current on all shots
Has rabies tag and certificate
HC is completed
Monthly Frontline and Heartguard
Chipped ( Homeagain)
Pleasant temperment
Audrey does ok with smaller dogs. Has not been evaluated with an animal behaviorist
No evaluation with cats
No eval yet with kids yet
House trained
Really can't say on crate training, she is in a large run, A/C inside, fresh air out
Will provide crate if needed
Has baby pink martingale and leash. Name tag attached and name and number written on collar
Will send food and towel with familiar smells
Audrey loves to ride in the car. We have been working with her for two weeks. We have not placed her in crate while in the car. If she is with another dog, someone will need to be crated. Better safe than sorry, :)
No special needs
Audrey was abandoned at my vet. She was heartworm positive and has been treated.

Sending: East Tennessee Alliance for Animals
Educational Non-profit
FB: East Tennessee Alliance for Animals
Audrey is at my vet's office
Middle Valley Animal hospital
Contact: Maryann Davis
provided to drivers only
Hixson, TN 37343
Cell provided to drivers only
text msg abilities
24hr email access
When we adopt we phone screen, check references , home visit and meet and greet if there is a pet in the home already.
All animals are altered and utd on shots before adopted out.
We are a 501c3.

Receiving: Barlee's Angel Rescue Network
Contact: Jen Windth
Vet ref: provided to drivers only
Per ref: provided to drivers only
Will drive last leg. Buffalo to toronto,Canada.
Jeep liberty
Suggested mtg ? Pls discuss
Emergency # provided to drivers only
All animals altered prior to adoption
Nonprofit group
Toronto, Canada
Cell provided to drivers only
text available
24 hr email access