Einstein and Socrates - a "tail" of 2 brothers

The Tale of Einstein and Socrates

Einstein and Socrates are two brothers who found themselves in unfamiliar territory at the age of eight. This plea went out from Tiffany at Baldwin Co Animal Control in Summerdale AL:

Our shelter has two full blooded Rotties for adoption or rescue. Their owner brought them in to be euthanized because he lost his home and job. Their names are Einstein and Socrates and they are brothers and are 8. They both seem very sweet (and are very strong!). They allowed us to get them from their truck and we walked them around the other dogs and they were both fine. Although they have not been currently vetted, they are both big, fat, healthy looking. Since the owner signed them over for euthanasia, they don't have the usual 7 days. PLEASE, PLEASE contact me if you can help ASAP.
Pleas went out over the internet but after several days Tiffany still had this to report:

I have a lot of inquiries and people are crossposting like crazy, but I've had no firm commitments. They are ready to go when someone can pick them up, but it would have to be soon.
Jay with Smiling Dog Farms agreed to take these 2 boys if no one else did. "We can be a Last Resort for them if no one else offers to help... we WILL commit that they will not be separated... either both are adopted or neither.... " Rottweiler rescue was contacted but replied "that they are full full full and she is sorry they can't take them". No other rescues stepped up to take these 2 sweet older boys.

Many people wanted to see them safe and worked together to make it happen. Wyvonnia, who is in MO and nowhere near the Gulf of Mexico, sent an email to me asking if I could coordinate a transport for them. I immediately said yes. Cheryl had already set up a run sheet, so that made it even easier.

Lorraine offered to pay for ALL of Einstein and Socrates' vetting and Denise agreed to foster them until they could be transported to sanctuary.

Denise warned us that transport for two this size might not be a piece of cake:

I have had the privilege of fostering these two. Ex-Large doesn't begin to describe them. They are very loving, but it's like putting 2 bulls on leashes. They have no leash manners and exercise no restraint. I'm very concerned because the average transport volunteer cannot handle them, expecially someone older. When the car door opens, they both yell "Charge!". They also don't ride well. I've never seen anything like it. My suggestion is they need to be restrained in the vehicle. If possible, 2 people wouldn't hurt, or, don't take them out of the vehicle until both drivers are present.

Still I got all the volunteers we needed. We wound up having THREE Denises doing the transport. To make the dogs easier to restrain, Anna -all the way over in Montana! - ordered 2 Gentle Leader Easy Walk harnesses and had them shipped to the foster mom so the boys could get used to wearing them before the transport. Anna sent such a heartfelt email that I want to share it here:

Dearest Lorraine and all:

Tiffany a special note of thank you for working with rescues and saving so many lives.
Lorraine, thank you so very much for your kind and generous contribution for the two Rottie Brothers. I have been so worried about them!
Jay...thank you for opening your heart and rescue farm to save their lives. A special note of gratitude to Cheryl and Emily for making this all possible through transport. And the greatest of gratitude to all the networkers and rescuers behind the scene who have been a part of saving these deserving lives.
I know that rescue can be feel so tragically heart breaking at times. Knowing that the Rescue World has folks like all of you involved, helps to renew faith in humanity. Thanks to all for making this possible.

Paws Crossed for the Boys,
anna (volunteer in Montana)
Now that I have all choked up, read this hilarious email "from Socrates" the night before their long trip:
Hey this is Socrates, and of course, my little brother Einstein. Momma said we're going for a LONG ride tomorrow with lots of people. We're going to live with the dogs that smile. We don't really wanna go, but Daddy won't let us stay. Somebody needs to talk to im bout that. Momma went shoppin today and got stuff for our trip. sumfin to chew on, treats, water and cute little water bowls. We love riding in the car. We also like people.

Thanks to Anna, we have new harnesses. It's not so easy to run away now. Momma uses em to tie us to the car so we can't drive.

We got a visit to the vet thanks to Lorraine. That's the place where you take a nap. We took a long nap. Funny thing is, we weren't even tired. And we need to talk about that. You wouldn't believe what they took from us while we were nappin'.

Miss Emily and Tiffany make a good team. Wish I had a bone. I'd share it with em.

Bedtime! Gotta go!
See you tomorrow!

Socrates and Einstein
I still howl with laughter every time I read "You wouldn't believe what they took from us while we were nappin'." Denise needs to write novels. She'd be a bestseller!

So these two very big boys who have won the hearts of many made their way to Texas yesterday, thanks to all the wonderful people who worked together to make it happen.
Here's pictures!

First leg of the transport. Foster mom Denise and Sammie take the boys to meet the second Denise driving these guys.

Einstein gives his foster mom a kiss for taking such good care of him and his brother.

Sammie looks like she's got her hands full
Denise R takes one last photo of Denise N and Sammie before loading the boys up for the next leg of their journey.

Denise brought Shyann along to help entertain the boys

Einstein and Socrates look very happy riding in Denise's van.

Denise turned the boys over to Jill and her friend for the next part of their trip.

Jill handed off to Denise W and Dayna got a shot of her with Einstein in Henderson LA but managed to avoid the camera herself. She did report that once she got the boys on the road she heard a lot of snoring!

Mary took the boys to meet their new daddy.
After the nice nap with Dayna, Socrates was ready for some fun! He removed the stuffing from the bed that Mary had provided for them within just a few minutes! And here we were calling these brothers "elderly". They still have a lot of puppy in them.

Thank you to everyone who helped two dogs that were turned in to be euthanized to get a second chance! May they live long happy lives!